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Windshield Repair Warranty

Your windshield has been repaired by filling the broken area with resin. The resin bonds the glass together, stopping further damage from occurring. However, the repaired area does not disappear. There is a slight scar and is less noticeable. In some cases, the attempt to repair a windshield can result in the chip or crack becoming larger, and we are not responsible for that.

Your Windshield is warranted to restore strength and integrity to the damaged area. Once repaired, the damaged area is warranted not to enlarge as long as you own your vehicle. In the event the repaired area seems to be enlarging or does not pass state inspection, promptly contact Big Crack Auto Glass at 717-951-9906 and we will re-repair the damage at no cost to you. If we are unable to re-repair the damage, Big Crack Auto Glass will deduct the cost of the windshield repair from our windshield replacement fee.

Replacement Warranty

Your auto glass installation is warranted to be free of defective parts and workmanship as long as you own your vehicle so long as such defects are brought to the attention of Big Crack Auto Glass within 30 days of discovery of a defect. This warranty does not cover leaks, stress cracks or related damage in connection with installations to vehicles having damage or rust on the pinchweld. We will make reasonable efforts to advise you of the existence of such damage or rust prior to removal of existing glass; however, it is often not possible to do this. In the event of a problem that is covered by this warranty, please contact us and we will replace or repair the warranted product or correct the defective workmanship at no cost to you.