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Glass Replacement

Our highly trained, Sika certified installers use the highest quality urethane. Your windshield is secured to the body of your car by specially formulated glass adhesives that have been tested and approved to meet all applicable FMVSS requirements. Since your windshield is a safety device, your car cannot be driven safely until the adhesive has had enough time to cure. Every technician calculates the time it takes for the new adhesive to cure and determines when your vehicle is safe to drive. The drive away time is noted at the bottom of your invoice.

Our certified technicians are experts at repairing windshields and replacing auto glass and we look forward to putting our over 59 years of experience to work for you.

The Right to Choose

Too often a customer's phone call to an insurance company is handled by a third party, whose goal is to steer you towards a particular glass repair/replacement company. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE your auto glass repair provider! No matter what insurance company or glass network handles your coverage, Big Crack Auto Glass is approved to complete all glass repairs and replacements and we warranty our work.

Helping you Obtain a New PA State Inspection Sticker

To obtain a new inspection sticker we have carefully cut out your old inspection sticker, taped the edges and placed it on your passenger side floor. A simple process is required within five days to receive a replacement inspection sticker. Simply take your vehicle, old inspection sticker, insurance card and registration card to ANY state inspection station and they will issue a replacement sticker for a small fee, without vehicle re-inspection, while you wait. If you have any questions please call 717-951-9906.

Useful Information When Replacing Your Windshield